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Welcome weary internet travelers, alcohol enthusiasts, and fellow book worms to Hearth Bound. The podcast journey of 3 friends attempting to navigate iconic book series while also exploring the limits of our alcohol tolerance and their patience for one another.


Dec 30, 2022

In this long-overdue, 20th episode of Hearth Bound, Matt, Lou, and Sean team up with Paul Camper of the Death Saving Bros. Podcast to tackle the next section of Dune: the first book in the Dune series! 




Jun 27, 2022

As if moving into a new house isn't stressful enough, in this section, Jessica and the Duke (Leto) passively, and symbolically, air-out their relationship laundry and we learn a little more about this desert planet through an unexpected interraction between Jessica and a new, potentially dangerous character.  

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Jan 19, 2022

Tin-Can Lou and the boys continue reading through sands of Dune, while doing their best to not talk about the movie. Join them as the review section 4 and the 3D chess game that is being played.

Because we said we would: List of Guano Island Claims 

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Oct 14, 2021

Who's timeline is it anyway? The boys get introduced to a few more characters and promptly predict all of their deaths on this episode of Hearth Bound. Join us as we continue to stumble our way through the vast universe of Dune.

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Sep 23, 2021

Androids?! Robot murder?! Villainy?! In this episode we pick-up the conversation right where we left off: the beginning of section 2 of Dune where we are introduced to the evil master of puppets: Vladimir Harkonnen.

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